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Assalamualaikum to all readers! 😃

Salam Ramadhan! May this ramadhan better than previous month 💕

Yas i'm back. Long time not update this blog, almost 1 year and half i guess. Okay so today, i decided to update one post, i just want to share my happy moment. Why not right? 😀

Okay first of all, praise to Allah because i've got the dean's list award for the 5th semester (for the first time ever in my life and i just can't believe it. Tiba-tiba ter-score pula.). Almost half of my classmates, got the award too. I'm so proud of them. Because we already struggled a lot for the final year project on the previous semester like there's no tomorrow for us. Congratulations everyone! Thank you for those whom helped me directly or indirectly, highly appreciate for everything.

And yas finally, internship and Diploma in IT completed. I just can't wait for convocation soon and also road to degree, may Allah ease everything. 

I just can't wait for the beautiful moment with my friends soon. May Allah ease. In sha Allah 💓